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Portable Moving and Storage Units

About Us

Lexington Kentucky Portable Storage WarehouseSquareFeet Mobile Storage is a mobile on-demand storage service that saves our customers time and money.

With nearly 100 years of commercial storage experience, we have updated our facilities and services to service the residential on-demand / temporary storage marketplace.

Our staff makes the process simple, efficient and reliable - because we know the last thing you need when moving, renovating, or otherwise finding yourself partially "uprooted" is another hassle.

We designed our on-demand boxes to be smaller and more managable than those offered by PODS or Mobile Attic. Our units do not require a large truck on your driveway, and it's easier to pack the boxes efficiently. For commercial moves, it's nice to be able to have the smaller boxes spread between different locations, whereas moving a larger container between offices or buildings isn't practical.